Residential Interior Design

Amongst many home interior designers in Mumbai, NF Designs believes in enriching homes with appealing and attractive designs. We believe a home should reflect the owner’s personality, and that’s the reason each of our residential projects have their own vivid ambiance and exquisite appeal. From bringing a vintage charm to giving an ethnic vibe to homes, NF Designs does it all with style and perfection. What makes us different from other residential interior designers in Mumbai is that we provide our customers with simple and practical solutions. Thus, their desire of a beautiful and well-kept home is fulfilled. This is the sole reason that our home interior design services are top-notch.

World-class residential interior designers in Mumbai.

Mumbai is a true paradise for home interior designers as many people want their homes to replicate their lifestyle. That’s where we come into play as we keep our customers’ lifestyle in mind and design their homes accordingly.

NF Designs provides quality driven home interior design services and puts customers’ satisfaction as a top priority.

Residential Projects