Why Choose NF Designs

We bring harmony to homes. NF Designs is a leading interior designing firm that specializes in designing and decorating homes, providing the touch of elegance. We have an elite team of house designers, who excel at bringing out creative concepts and innovative ideas. But, what sets us apart from others is that we focus on timely completion and apply cost-effective methods to give our clients a pleasant experience.

NF Designs is one of the few interior designer firms in Mumbai that believes simplicity captivates the heart. Therefore, we leave no stone unturned in crafting homes that are aesthetically appealing and vibrant in nature.

Setting up a free consultancy

At NFD we believe that a projects success lies on a close interaction between client and designer. When you call for our free consultation, we try to determine your intentions, accommodate your vision, and ensure your space is maximized. We meet you on site, walk through your project, and determine how our services may suit your needs. Call us, so that we can help you!

Understanding your needs

After our free consultation, we adapt your needs, location, and functional space presenting a concrete plan. Our design proposals are transparent so that it makes your vision a reality. We clearly define what will be done, by whom, when, and the expected cost. We will cover our work scope and how NFD will translate your objectives into a deliverable plan of action.

Measuring existing conditions

During this early stage, we will accurately measure and generate precise drawings of existing infrastructure. This field survey is transferredto AutoCAD, where we create floor plans, ceiling reflective plans, electrical, plumbing, interior elevations, among others. These measurements play a crucial role to understand space, plan your budget, and prepare your interior design plans.

Budget Spread Sheet

NFD has developed a cost estimate calculator that you can download and make use of to get an idea on how much your project could cost. At NFD we strive to deliver the most competitive rates in the market by making use of a broad network of suppliers and vendors ensure you get the best quality at the lowest prices.

Initial Schematic Design

Transforming your vision into reality our team will develop various layouts for space panning. This allows you to visualize your space and what it would look like. However, we strongly believe that a projects success relies on client satisfaction and NFD will change layouts based on your feedback.

Furniture Furnishing & Equipment

As passionate designers we know how to shop on a budget and how to do it well. Being in the Market for a long time, we are well versed with different vendors and suppliers, their supply quality as well as pricing and will ensure you get your money’s worth including what ever discounts that can be procured. Further, NFD will handle all logistics associated with purchases, such as, fabrics, carpeting, flooring, tile, vanities, plumbing fixtures, lighting, bath accessories, furniture (new and antiques), among other decorative objects. NFD will strive to ensure that your procurement process runs smoothly and without any hicups.


Ordering Furniture, Furnishings & Equipment and handling logistics invloved in getting them to your Site will attract a fee of 10 – 15% of the total costs of all goods purchased. The total costs is defined as the net cost of all items (with all trade discounts), including delivery, shipping, installation, and warehousing.


Once we have assessed the space planning, sketches, and furniture, you can visualize what your project will look like in 3D. Through various renderings, which are top quality photographic images with defined lighting that accounts for shadows and reflections, you can finally see your vision materialized. Once finallized we coordinate with contractors and begin executing the project.

Project Supervision

Construction is an intricate process that requires close supervision, excellent communication and a lot of co-ordination. At NFD, we oversee the project from inception to completion. We work directly with contractors to ensure that our design is executed properly, minimizing any risks that could jeopardize your vision.